Zimmermann Company Holiday Card 2012

Wool paper and spot inks. Notepad, wrap and envelope. (Design and Copywriting)

Zimmermann Company Sell Sheet

Cross shaped, folded sell sheet meant to be left behind with prospects. (Design and Copywriting)

Zimmermann Company Print Ads

Ads that have appeared in various publications. (Design and Copywriting)

Zimmermann Company Box Mailer

Designed to look like a messenger bag and mailed to high level prospects. Kit includes: custom notepad, personalized postcards and a branded pen. (Design and Copywriting)

Sheboygan County Economic Development Corp. Housing Mailer

An invitation mailed to area business leaders to a presentation and discussion about the housing situation in the area. (Design and Copywriting)

Personal Holiday Card 2014

Holiday themed family card. (Photography, Design and Copywriting.)

Yamato Pocket Folder

Pocket folder with a simple design focusing on the brand. (Design)

Art Imig's Promotional Postcard

Promotional postcard for upscale men's apparel retailer. (Design and Copywriting)

Franklin Public School District Calendar

Annual calendar sent to parents in the Franklin School District. (Design and Copywriting)

Inspire Sheboygan County Tri-Fold Brochures

Two tri-fold brochures targeting parents and students to connect with local businesses for career work experience. (Design)

Infinity HealthCare Doctor Information Kit

Kit designed to inform doctors of their options of hospitals to work at through the Infinity HealthCare hospital partnership program. (Design)

Ebeneser UCC Anniversary Book

An anniversary book that comprises the history of the church from it's humble beginnings to present time. (Design and Copywriting)

Johnston's Bakery Menu and Promo Cards

Redesign of the promotional cards and beverage menu offered at the bakery. (Design, Branding and Copywriting)

Neenah Paper and Zimmermann Company Card

Card to promote a paper seminiar hosted by Zimmermann Company with the guest presenter from Neenah Paper. Metalic Gold paper printed digitally. (Design and Copywriting)

ProSelect Locums Logo Design

Logo used by Infinity HealthCare to represent a small offshoot of it's main brand. (Design)

Sheboygan County Economic Development Corp. Annual Report

Annual report to the community of Sheboygan County. (Design and Copywriting)

Personal Holiday Card 2015

Holiday themed family card. (Design and Copywriting)

Zimmermann Company Building Banners

Building banners to advertise the addition of large format printing for the company. (Design and Copywriting)

Zimmermann Company Holiday Card 2014

Company Holiday Card with a festive punch-out tree that can be assembled and placed on the recipients desk. (Design and Copywriting)

Zimmermann Company Holiday Card 2015

Company Holiday Card, spot silver ink on red textured paper that when in the sleeve, looks like a complete gingerbread man. Message on the back of the red card. (Design and Copywriting)

Zimmermann Company Large Format Postcard

Personalized postcard printed on thick plastic with raised ink to promote the addition of large format printing to company capabilities. (Design and Copywriting)

Zimmermann Company Logo

Redesign / Rebranding of Zimmermann Company with the intention of showing they do more than just offset printing. (Design)

Zimmermann Company Stationary

Part of the rebranding of Zimmermann Company. (Design and Copywriting)

Zimmermann Company Website

Redesign of the Zimmermann Company website. Incorporated a dynamic blog, social media and a modern look. (Design, Coding and Copywriting)

Camp Leinie's Patch

Photoshop work building the artwork to look like it was stitched onto the blank patch art. (Photoshop)

Coffee Cup Editing

Stock image edited to remove the pour and many of the bubbles to leave a cleaner image which was inserted into a client brochure. (Photoshop)

Cub Scouts Pack 3801 Logo and T-Shirt Design

Logo design imprinted on the front of the shirt with the back having an area where the leaders wrote the kids names. Printed on highly visible colored shirts. (Design)

Henry Weinhard's Blue Boar Sell Sheet

Designed within the clients brand guidelines to promote their Blue Boar line of beer. (Design)

Henry Weinhard's Bottle Mockups

Mockups built in Photoshop showing proposed label designs. (Photoshop)

Leinenkugel's Calendar Image Retouching

Touchup work done on a festive image to reduce the amount of "festive" in the image. (Photoshop)

Miller Lite Semi Truck Design

Semi Truck design built within the clients brand guidelines. (Design)

Old Plank Road Trail Logo

Redesign of the Sheboygan County Old Plank Road Trail logo. Used on their website, marketing materials and signs at every rest area along the trail. (Design)

Sargento Bridge at Road America

Photoshop work to build the truck and scenery for signage that appears on the bridge between turn 3 and 4 at Road America in Elkhart Lake, WI. (Photoshop)